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Glitz Nail Program

Our Mission

"We will always strive to offer our students the strongest education. At GLITZ NAIL TECHNOLOGY our mission for every student is, not only to pass the state board test but to feel VERY confident in their work and in themselves. You are not just a number to us, you are our future and we will only take those students who expect to be nothing but the best!!!"

Nails Magazine, a respected industry publication that serves professional nail technicians and salon owners reported that there were a total of 364,247 nail technicians working in the US as of 2013 contributing to an industry worth $8.28 billion a year.

NAILS, through its annual industry statistics report, reported that the average weekly salary for a nail technician in the US was $420 as of 2013.

  • 17% of manicurist made $150 or less per week
  • 15% of manicurist made more than $750 per week
  • 14% of manicurist made more than $151-$250 per week
  • 14% of manicurist made more than $251-350 per week
  • 11% of manicurist made more than $351-$450 per week
  • 12% of manicurist made more than $451-$550 per week
  • 9% of manicurist made more than $551-$650 per week
  • 8% of manicurist made more than $651-$750 per week

Which percentage will you be?


Manicures, Gel Manicure, Pedicures, Tips with Acrylic, Tips with Gel, Sculpted Nails and much more!! Students can expect to receive instruction in the following:

  • Equipment and table maintenance
  • Equipment and tool storage and use (Safety, Sterilization, and Sanitation)
  • Manicuring Theory
  • Massage Techniques for the hands, feet, arms and legs
  • Nail filing, shaping, and polishing
  • Nail Growth
  • Nail Irregularities and diseases (disorders of the nails)
  • Product Storage and use
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Sterilization and Sanitation
  • Strong Customer service skills
  • Laws and Regulations related to the practice of manicuring
  • Business Practices

Request Information

Nail Program Cost:

Nail Technician: 420 Hours

Registration Fee (non-refundable): $200.00

Tuition, Textbooks and Kit: $2,300.00

Tax: $207.81

Grand Total: $2,707.81

Nail Instructor:
1,000 Hours $7,995

Refresher Course:
80 Hours $951.20
160 Hours $1,750

We offer in house financing and can set up low monthly payments.


Admissions Requirements:

Proof of Education: (provide a copy)

  • High School Diploma or High School Transcripts for first two years of HS or
  • A GED (General Equivalency Diploma)

Picture ID:

  • Driver License or
  • Government issued picture ID

A completed Glitz Admissions packet

  • Attend an enrollment interview and tour
  • Receive the school’s catalog before signing agreement
  • $500 application fee (non-refundable)